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L’ATIV One 7 Curved

ATIV One 7 Curved, Samsung propose un All In One incurvé de 27 pouces

Les écrans incurvés vont désormais faire leur apparition dans les PC All In One. Samsung va dévoiler au CES, l’ATIV One 7 Curved.

Nous sommes une présence d’une configuration complète, clé en main et prête à l’emploi. L’ATIV One 7 Curved est un ordinateur tout en un proposant à l’utilisateur une configuration et un moniteur assemblés en une unique entité. Samsung joue la carte de l’innovation car c’est une première de proposer un écran incurvé dans le segment des All in One. L’engin se dote d’un processeur Intel Core i5,  de 8 Go de mémoire DDR3L et un disque dur de 1 To. Il n’y a pas de carte graphique puisque le processeur dispose de sa propose solution avec la présence d’un HD Graphics 5500.

ATIV One 7 Curved : pour de la bureautique du surf et du multimédia.

Ce choix oriente  l’ATIV One 7 Curved pour un usage bureautique, le surf ou encore du multimédia mais ne l’arme pas pour les jeux vidéo. La partie audio est mise en valeur par deux haut-parleurs de 10W (Dolby Surround) tandis qu’une Webcam 1080p complète cet ensemble. L’engin se présente avec des dimensions de 638 x 39 x 383 mm pour un poids total de 11,09 kilogrammes.

l’ATIV One 7 Curved  devrait débarquer aux alentours de 1300 £ avec des précommandes prévues pour le premier trimestre 2015. Il met en vedette un écran de 27 pouces à la définition Full HD  accompagné d’angles de vision de 178 degrés.

Press Release.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced the launch of the ATIV One 7 Curved, the industry’s first curved All-In-One PC, offering users a truly immersive experience. The 27-inch curved, Full HD display brings content to life with vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, drawing users in from nearly anywhere in the room. The product is enhanced by impressive multimedia capabilities, as well as smart connectivity and powerful performance. The ATIV One 7 Curved will be on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Samsung’s booth, 11906 in Central Hall, from January 6-9, 2015.

“The arched display of the ATIV One 7, along with top-of-the-line multimedia capabilities for rich sound and easy content sharing across devices, make this model stand out from the rest as the ultimate entertainment desktop,” said Gary Riding, vice president of mobile computing marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “With the ATIV One 7 Curved, Samsung has created a PC that exceeds consumers’ needs, while offering a stunning design that stands out in any home or small office.”

Immersive curved design
The curved design of the new Samsung ATIV One 7 offers a unique entertainment perspective and realistically immersive gaming experience. It draws users in and brings details to life on the Full HD panel, while the 4000R curvature makes the screen feel even larger than its already ample 27-inches. Wide viewing angles (178 degrees) make it easy to enjoy the gorgeous screen from almost anywhere in the room without having to shift focus.

To match its sharp, curved display, the PC features a sleek, metallic deco frame and complimentary stand that brings premium design right to any desk.

Powerful and impressive multimedia capabilities
The multimedia features of the ATIV One 7 Curved don’t end with its stunning display. It was engineered to offer best-in-class sound, with two dynamic 10W stereo speakers, a surround sound experience with Dolby Sound Effects, and lossless audio transmission through APT-X technology. For movie and game enthusiasts, the Intel Core i5 Processor and 8GB of memory let users keep up with fast moving graphics, allowing them to make the most of the amazing screen and unparalleled sound.

Bluetooth Music Play 3.0 allows users to instantly connect and play music from their smartphone through the ATIV One 7 Curved speakers, even if the PC is off. With this feature, consumers can quickly and easily enjoy music saved on their smartphones in high-quality sound from anywhere in the home.

Samsung’s new All-In-One features a camera that enables users to video conference in Full HD. HDMI in and out ports allow for easy connections to game consoles and other content sources, while integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 5500) ensure smooth rendering of games, videos and other content.

Advanced connectivity and performance
Thanks to Samsung’s unique SideSync 3.0 software, staying connected is easy. Through SideSync 3.0, ATIV One 7 Curved users can receive phone calls and text messages forwarded from their Samsung smartphone right to their PC. Users can also control their smartphone from their PC screen, mouse and keyboard through SideSync 3.0’s sharing mode, as well as share content between devices with Samsung Link 2.0. This means that users can save all of their photos, videos, music and more in the ATIV One 7 Curved’s ample 1TB flash drive, and then easily access it from other devices from anywhere in the home.

The 27-inch Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved will be available for pre-order beginning Q1 2015 for an MSRP of $1,299.99.

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